myCOOLMAN 44L Portable Fridge & Freezer - 12/24V & 240V

myCOOLMAN 44 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer

PLUS FREE Insulated cover vauled at $129

3  Year Warranty. Compact and powerful, the myCOOLMAN 44 litre fridge is the perfect accompaniment on your next adventure whether you’re out in the backyard having a few drinks with some mates, camping on a riverbed or blazing a trail through the middle of nowhere!

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myCOOLMAN® fridges are equipped to come where the road takes you. Keep your food fresher longer with cutting-edge cooling tech and rule your campsite with our genius qualityof-life features. Only you decide when it’s time to head out, or pack up.

Powerful, robust and ready for any adventure, myCOOLMAN® fridges and freezers bring freshness to the Australian bush. Designed and engineered in Germany to suit the demanding Australian conditions, myCOOLMAN® offers versatility with a range of practical features and sophisticated technology for everyone who loves life off the beaten track. Ranging in sizes from 36 to 105 litres with single and dual zone models, cooling and freezing food of all kinds is a breeze with reliability down to minus 18 degrees.

Packaged in a sturdy transport bag (optional) , chilled goods are protected even if no power is available at short notice. Access to the contents is easy thanks to Velcro fasteners. Even when packaged, full operation of the cooler is guaranteed via visible display control and app. The bags are of course available for all box sizes. The pockets on it are very practical for cutlery, tools and the other little things that are helpful in the outback. Features include:

  • Technology - Digital display & USB port and charger with 3000mMulti-voltage system AC (240V) and DC (12/24V) with battery protection DC inlet on two ends.
  • Multi-functional lid - Two way opening lid (not CCP36/44) & headroom for upright standing bottles.
  • Compressor power - Powered by 12/24 Volt DC compressor helping you keep items cooler for longer.
  • LED Lighting - LED interior light to help see items in your fridge at any time of day or night.
  • Dual Storage -Divided storage options with removable sections & fully refrigerated multi-level compartment.



CCP 44 Single Zone

Insulated cover

Dimensions(mm) L652 W412 H488

Weight(kg) 20.5

Volume(L) 44

Current 12V-3.80A / 24V-1.90A / 240V-0.30A