Powertech Digital DC Power Meter

Not just a volt meter.

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This little device is not just a watt meter it is an all-in-one power meter, volt meter, amp-hour meter, ammeter, and energy meter!

Being fitted between various links in the power system the Powertech digital DC Power Meter can check charge going into a battery from charging sources It can also measure load draw in the barry system.


- 75A continuous / 200A Max
- Up to 60VDC compatibility
- Accurate amps, volts, watts, amp-hours, watt-hours, peak amps, minimum volts (sag), peak watts

Reads: 4.8V - 60V (0V - 60V with optional auxiliary battery).
Current: 0-200A @ 0.01A Resolution
Voltage: 0-60VDC @ 0.01V Resolution
Power: 0-6554W @ 0.1W Resolution
Watt Hours: 0-650kWh @ 0.1Wh Resolution
Ampere Hours: 0-6554Ah @ 0.01Ah Resolution
Cable: 8AWG
Display: 16 x 2 backlit LCD Display
Dimensions: 110(W) x 45(H) x 26(D)mm (Excluding Cables)
Net Weight: 150g