Jockey Wheels

Caravan jockey wheels are small but extremely important for several functions.

Firstly, they help you to efficiently and easily couple and uncouple your van or tow vehicle by raising it to the needed height. Secondly, they make it possible for you to move the caravan around when unhitched. They also support the caravan’s A-frame away from the ground when parked.

The caravan jockey wheel is also the component that helps keep your RV steady and level when it’s on uneven surfaces. Say goodbye to rolling items or cupboards opening when you don’t want them to.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right caravan jockey wheels. Besides making sure that they are made by a reliable manufacturer, you should also check that the load capacity is suitable. If you need more advice, get in touch with our team!

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  1. AL-KO 6" Jockey Wheel
    AL-KO 6" Jockey Wheel
    Alko 6" Jockey Wheel, perfect for smaller trailers comes with a standard clamp and solid rubber wheel.
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  2. Trail A Mate Hydraulic Jockey Wheel
    Trail A Mate Hydraulic Jockey Wheel
    This Trail-a-mate Hydraulic Jockey Wheel converts to a hydraulic jack and levelling device. It is for use on all types of trailers, especially caravans.
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  3. ALKO Power Mover Jockey Wheel
    ALKO Power Mover Jockey Wheel
    ALKO Power Mover jockey weel, complete with handle and clamp. A most efficient caravan mover featuring original dual pawl ratchet system. This model can be mounted on either side of the drawbar, thereby allowing maximum manoeuvrability. It is fitted to the normal jockey wheel bracket and can be wound up to a height of 840mm
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  4. Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver
    Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver
    This dense rubber jockey wheel receiver acts as a chock for your jockey wheel.
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