Safely secure your trailer or caravan to your tow vehicle.

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Used with a safety chain, the rated D Shackle is designed to secure your trailer to your tow vehicle. The shackle features a narrow opening shaped like a loop of chain with a threaded pin closure which ensures a firm and secure clasp. Its heavy-duty galvanized finish provides extra strength and security.


The Caravan Industry recommendation is that shackles meeting the requirements of AS 2741-2002 be used to secure safety chains up to 3500kg.

So – What is a Rated Shackle?

A rated shackle is one that is certified to meet Australian Standard AS 2741-2002.

Rated shackles are normally colour coded to identify their rating (the most commonly used rated shackles have a yellow pin). These shackles will also have their rating clearly identifiable on the body of the shackle itself. They must have the WLL (working load limit), Grade (normally S or M) and the size marked on them, as a minimum.

Our rated shackles are marked WLL1T, S grade, 10mm and colour coded yellow.

(D shackles from a reputed Towbar manufacturers (like Hayman Reese) with the manufacturers brand stamped into the body of the shackle is considered of adequate strength for towing – but do not show the rating on them, so it is hard to prove on the side of the road).

What Shackle do I need?

This depends on the ATM* of your caravan or boat, generally a shackle with a 1 tonne working load limit will be more than adequate. The WLL on a shackle means that the shackle can lift a load up to that weight. The breaking strain is 6 times the WLL.


The breaking strain of a shackle used for towing should be higher than 1½ times the ATM of the caravan, boat or trailer.


So if the ATM of your caravan, boat or trailer is 3 tonne and you have a shackle stamped WLL1T.


Shackle rated at WLL1T x 6 times = 6 tonne.

ATM is 3 tonne x 1½ times = 4.5 tonne.


Therefore a 1 tonne shackle is more than adequate to tow a caravan of 3 tonne.

Don’t forget to cross the chains over when connecting them to your tow vehicle.


*This RV Know How gives general information relating to Rated Shackles. State Road and Transport Authority regulations vary from state to state. You should always check legal requirements with the road authority of the state that you are travelling in if you are unsure. Using rated shackles as detailed above will meet the requirements of Road Authorities throughout Australia.

*ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass)
The total laden weight of a trailer, which includes the tow ball mass and whatever you add as payload (eg. water, gas, luggage). The ATM is specified by the trailer manufacturer and must not be exceeded. The ATM will normally be stamped into the compliance plate of the caravan, boat or trailer