Victoria The High Country Atlas & Guide

Featuring the Top 30 4WD Trips written by Ron and Viv Moon.

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The High Country Atlas & Guide contains a handy atlas for navigation, as well as more detailed maps for specific areas. The new inclusion of the Top 25 4WD Trips is an exciting prospect for those wanting to take on the very best trips the High Country Victoria has to offer, with inset maps, photos, as well as directions and explanations for every step of the way.

There is a lot of pre-trip preparation included also, with information on where and when to go for the best outdoor experiences, as well as how to prepare and where to stay. Included on the ‘things to see and do’ list are the many iconic huts and historic sites in the region, with background information and atlas references making finding these famous sites simple. To give extra depth to the 4WD coverage of the region, there is excellent background information on the region’s history, flora and fauna, and the geology and landscape you will experience during your trip.

The High Country Atlas & Guide is the tourers almanac for tackling one of the most historic and scenically stunning regions in Australia.



  • Handy atlas for navigation
  • Top 25 4WD Trips featured
  • Detailed maps throughout
  • When to go and how to prepare
  • Where to go for the best outdoor experiences
  • Where to stay
  • Listings of tour operators
  • Background reading on the region

Spiral Bound, Soft Cover, 160 pages