Single Guy Rope

This Supex Single Guy Rope features polycarbonate runners and heavy-duty marquee springs.  3.5m long with 6mm rope.

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The Supex  Guy Rope is a dependable Australian made guy rope.

Made with silver Marine Grade rope, Supex Guy Ropes feature universal set and forget Polycarbonate Runners and Heavy Duty Marquee Springs. This Supex Single Guy Rope is 3.5m long with 6mm rope.



The Supex Guy Rope - 6mm x 3.5m - Marquee Springs features:

  • 6mm rope
  • Marine Grade Silver UV treated Polyethylene Rope
  • Set & Forget Polycarbonate Universal Rope Runner (Reg. Design)
  • Yellow Zinc Fittings
  • Includes Heavy Duty Marquee springs
  • Made in Australia



Rope: 6mm UV treated

Length: 3.5m (x2)