Page Bros RV Parts Reward Points Program

Page Bros RV Parts has introduced a new way for customers to get more for spending on our website. Our new Reward Points Program is exclusively for registered online website members only. If you're not a member, don't worry, joining is free and we don't charge annual or monthly fees. Read on to find out more about our Reward Points Program.

What is the Rewards Program?
Our Reward Points Program is a loyalty program, so be sure to sign up on our website for your Page Bros RV Parts online membership. This allows you to earn points per dollar spent. You can then redeem your points as store credits for use with your next online purchase! This program is reserved for our online website members only.

How do I join the Rewards Program?
Simple! All you have to do is sign up for an account on our website, and you will be able to start collecting points straight away. As a bonus, you will receive 15 FREE points when you sign up! For existing members, we have awarded you 15 points so that you don't miss out.

Some other important details to note:

As with any program, there are rules and conditions. Here are some things to clear up any confusion about the Page Bros RV Parts Reward Points Program

  • The reward points are only redeemable as online store credits, and are NOT exchangeable for cash.
  • The Rewards Program is only available for our registered online website members. It cannot be redeemed for credit when purchasing in our physical store at Moorabbin.
  • To earn points, you receive 1 points for every two dollars spent.
  • To redeem, 100 points = $5.00
  • You can choose the amount of points you wish to redeem at checkout.
  • Points collected must be used within 5 months. Points that are not redeemed within 5 months will expire and will no longer be valid.