Fire Blanket 1X1 M

An essential safety item for the Homes, Caravans and Boat. 

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Don’t leave your family at risk of a fire!Fire is a danger that we should all be prepared for. Having the right equipment in place to stop a fire before it gets out of control can be the difference between a minor accident and a devastating event. At Uniwide we have endeavoured to bring you the best possible quality with our 1m x 1m Fire Blanket. Suitable for small Class F fire risks, this Fire Blanket is an essential safety item for the kitchen, where hot fats and oils have the potential to ignite. The Fire Blanket can be placed over the fire to put it out or can be used to wrap around a person if their clothing has caught fire.

  • *Australian Certified and can withstand temperature of up to 50 Degrees
  •  An essential safety item for Homes, Caravans and Boats