Owning a Jayco RV, be it a Camper, Pop Top, Caravan or Motorhome requires care and maintenance. This RV Know How will introduce you to some products to help you keep your RV looking like new.

Regular washing and periodically applying a premium polish and wax is required to ensure the exterior looks like new for many years to come.

Not all washes, waxes and polishes are created equal. Car washes are designed for car washing, and generally they are good at it. The exterior of your RV requires the use of cleaning products specifically formulated for the fibreglass gel coat finish.

Meguiar’s range of RV/Marine washes, polishes and waxes are specifically formulated to maintain or restore the original lustre of your RV.

There are 3 steps to exterior maintenance - wash, polish, wax.

  1. Wash – will remove dirt contaminants from the surface
  2. Polish – will rejuvenate the finish.
  3. Wax – will protect the surface

We recommend that you wash the exterior at least monthly using Meguiar’s Soft Wash to wash away dirt, grime, bird droppings and more. It is pH balanced unlike some other washes and is safe even when used frequently. It will clean the surface without stripping any wax protection you may have painstakingly applied.

To achieve the best possible level of protection for your RV and to maintain the nice glossy shine we recommend using Meguiar’s High Gloss Polish. A polish will restore valuable oils to feed and nourish the gel coat and fibreglass surface, These oils are what gives the gel coat its brilliant high gloss look.

If the surface is a bit chalky or dull, maybe neglected by a previous owner, there are Meguiar’s products to help restore the surface to its former glory:


Oxidation Remover. Ideally suited to older fibreglass gel coat surfaces. Meguiar’s Marine/RV Oxidation Remover will help restore the original colour of older fibreglass gel coat surfaces by effectively removing surface degradation.

Cleaner/Wax. A non-abrasive formula that cleans, polishes and protects all RV fibreglass gel coat surfaces in one easy step. Removes light oxidation and haze, minor scratches and swirls while providing long-lasting protection against salt air, corrosion and the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Colour Restorer. Safely removes light oxidation, stains and blemishes on all fibreglass gel coat  or RV surfaces. Revives faded, oxidised surfaces to their original vibrant colour.

PlastX, is a rich gel formula for rigid and flexible plastics. It will remove surface contamination, light surface scratches and stains with ease. It will provide long lasting, durable protection to keep windows and other plastics clear and beautiful for longer.

All Purpose Cleaner. What a ripper product. Developed from Meguiar’s professional line to deliver heavy duty cleaning with professional results. The versatile formula quickly removes stubborn dirt, grease and built up grime from many internal & external surfaces. Powerful and effective and can be used on a range of surfaces including vinyl, plastic trim, fabric, carpet, upholstery, rubber and chrome. Perfect for cleaning tyres, wheel arches and many other caravan or household surfaces restoring them to a like-new appearance without the risk of damage.

Flagship Premium Wax. Once you have spent time washing and polishing your RV it is time to protect all that hard work with a wax coating. Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Wax enriches colour and shine. It will add protection from harmful UV damage. Should only be used after the surface has been cleaned and restored to a ‘like new’ finish.

While a shiny and well protected caravan or RV does not come without some ‘elbow grease’, having the shiniest RV in the park gives you a sense of pride, as well as protecting your RV from Australia’s harsh condition. A good quality cover like the Camco branded covers are also a great way to protect your investment.

When the exterior surface is well maintained, keeping it clean is a breeze, takes a fraction of the time, and uses less product. It will be easier to remove bugs, tar, bird droppings and road grime.

It is a good idea to try and park or store your RV away from areas where tree sap and bird droppings will get on it.
All washing, polishing, waxing should be done in the shade when the surface is cool to the touch. Always read the label carefully on any product you use and follow the directions.